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Yesterday we were proud to host our first Diversity Day event in honour of Canada 150 and in celebration of those things that make us proud to be Canadian – namely art, diversity, inclusive communities, a blending of cultures, and respect for our First Nations.

We started the day off with a short documentary by Heather Hatch entitled Jaat Sdiihltl’lxa: Woman Who Returns to bring together the themes of recognition, identity, how art helps and heals us, and finding our way home through art.

A number of our artists-in-residence showcased their varied styles and mediums throughout the afternoon, and spent time sharing inspiration and ideas with one another and our visitors. We had photography, needlework, acrylics, comic books, charcoal, and finger painting (our youngest artist was just 19 months old!).

We served popcorn to passersby, enjoyed some Canadian folk background music, ate and drank and just generally enjoyed one another’s company.

A special thanks to MLA Deborah Drever for making time to visit and chat with residents about their work and the community they’ve helped build here – your visit was a highlight of the day!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to support our residents and make the day a huge hit – we hope to see you all soon! And a heartfelt thank you to our residents who came with their art or stopped by to support their neighbours and friends. You make this community what it is and for that we are grateful.

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