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On Wednesday, December 14th, we hosted our annual Holiday Appreciation Event and it’s unanimous – it was a success!

More residents came out than ever before to enjoy the live music, take photos in the holiday photo booth, make crafts, and share good food with new and old friends alike.

We used the opportunity to recognize and thank several of our residents and community partners:

Bob Ferguson is a long-term resident of NHA and he is responsible for the wonderful murals all around our main buildings. He has also contributed his art to pieces inside the buildings, our offices, and for sale at previous silent auction events. Bob has a kind word to share with everyone he comes across and can be relied on to volunteer and contribute whenever asked. We are so grateful to have Bob as a member of our community!

We also recognized the contributions of a newer NHA resident who wished to remain anonymous, but who is literally out every day helping those in need in communities across Calgary. He is someone who sets an example through his daily actions and humility, whether it be by his work with vulnerable populations or simply by holding the door open for a fellow resident, we are thankful to have young and community-minded people like him in our buildings!

The Kensington BRZ, helmed by the one and only Annie MacInnis, have been real champions of NHA and the greater Kensington community for years. Most recently, Annie fought hard for and won the right to enlarge sidewalks in the area – a huge win for accessibility – and she constantly finds ways to beautify and improve our shared spaces. Plus, the events hosted by the Kensington BRZ are easily some of the year’s highlights. Thank you for all that you do!

Highbanks Society are our close neighbours and partners in affordable housing and creating thriving communities. With a goal oriented approach to parenting, educational support and affordable housing  to each client, Patricia and her team are dedicated to each family’s success. We have been honoured to partner with Highbanks over the past several years to achieve our joint mission of providing affordable housing within our community and will continue to do so in the coming years!

And we could not have had such a wonderful event without the contributions of many of our community members – we thank you for your incredible contributions and continued support of our efforts to create a thriving and inclusive community!

Incredible photography done very nearly for free by our friend and NHA resident, Andy Nichols.

Beautiful background music provided at a steep discount by the incomparable Roberto Ugaddan.

Incredible samosas and pakora provided at cost by our very own resident, Jatinder, who will be launching her own catering business in the new year.

InGear donated three pairs of beautiful gloves as part of our raffle prizes.

The Beehive donated several soaps and candles, as well as discounted additional items, for our raffle prizes.

Peasant Cheese discounted beautiful charcuterie plates that we gifted to our partners.

Vine Styles gave us discounts on bottles of wine to be used in our raffle prizes and appreciation gifts.

Gummi Boutique offered us a friends and family discount towards raffle goodies.

Flower House, coming soon to the NHA building, donated several gorgeous center pieces for the event.

















Happy Holidays from all of us at NHA!

If you would like any of the photos in which you are featured, please contact Cynthia via communications@norfolkhousing.ca to request them.

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