How NHA is Managing COVID-19 and Keeping Residents and Staff Safe

In this difficult time, a quick note (we know there have been many) to let you know what NHA is doing to keep staff and residents safe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NHA offices are closed until future notice. All staff are available to residents, partners, and community members via our office line (monitored and answered 9-4, Monday to Friday) and personal emails (see team directory for those). Staff will work to arrange meetings online when possible, or re-arrange what can not be managed online.

It is important that NHA works to prevent the spread of the virus to our residents. To that end, doors and handles in our buildings are all being cleaned with a bleach solution twice daily, 7 days a week, in keeping with the recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Further, all non-essential maintenance will be postponed. Essential maintenance – defined as anything required to keep buildings and units in proper working order – will continue.

These are extraordinary times and we must take extraordinary measures to keep one another safe. Residents experiencing financial difficulty are recommended to apply for one-time assistance where possible. We ask that residents feeling uncertain about making rent payments contact the office to make arrangements. NHA is committed to working closely with residents to ensure everyone remains housed.

We encourage everyone to keep social distance, follow the advice of trusted resources (WHO and AHS) and to be good to one another.

This is a constantly evolving situation and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we go. We will endeavour to keep all stakeholders updated frequently. Contact for more information.

Thank you.

Community Partners, Royop, fill a cupboard to support residents and neighbours

Community Partners, Royop, fill a cupboard to support residents and neighbours

What do you get when you unite a large, profitable development corporation with a softer side, and a small but mighty housing nonprofit? The perfect partnership.

Or at least, that’s how we feel about our relationship with Royop Development Corporation. Last spring we sat down with Royop and explained our hope – that all of our residents and community members experiencing a difficult phase, a financial setback, or experiencing poverty or homelessness in any given moment, would at the very least have access to some basic food stuffs and basic necessities right here at NHA; that we could offer some comfort and convenience in times of stress, and alleviate the often unbearable burden to run around town accessing various resources to make it through a tough time.

Royop staff not only heard us, but they offered to jump right in with both feet. Using an organization-wide challenge they encouraged staff to donate all kinds of food, toiletries, pet supplies, cleaning products, toques, mittens, and more. 

And boy did they. Just before the holidays, Royop’s “Reindeer” delivered BOX after BIN after BAG of goods to the Norfolk office. They had come together to supply what we can only imagine will be about a YEAR’s worth of support for community members in need. In the end we had more than enough to fill two cupboards full of supplies with plenty to spare and share in the coming months.

Partnerships like these and so many others are what allow us at NHA to do what we do every single day. They allow us to work hard at creating a safe, collaborative and inviting community where everyone belongs. And they support all of our residents in pursuing a stable life built around the foundation of home.

Thank you to all of the wonderful staff and families at Royop for your generosity!

If you are a resident or neighbour struggling, or you know someone who is struggling, please send them down to our cupboard. Bring a bag if you can or grab one of ours, take what you need to get through. Leave the rest for the next person.

Donations or contributions to our community cupboard can be made at our offices or by contacting

ED of Norfolk Housing recipient of Top 40 Under 40 honour

Last night was one for the books, as we celebrated the success and contributions of our Executive Director, Maya Kambeitz.

Maya has been with NHA for 10 years and in that time has been largely responsible for taking the organization from rather humble beginnings and building it into one that is poised for growth, ready to offer more affordable housing to Calgarians in need. And dignity of choice in that housing.

She brings a vast knowledge base and expertise in HR and housing, along with a strategic mindset and the ability to not only vision, but to enable. You can read more about her journey with Norfolk Housing Association, and to being recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 recipient in Calgary, here!

Congratulations, Maya – here’s to many more years of serving our community and leading the sector in mixed-income housing that promotes a thriving community!

Building Healthy Communities