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Last night saw the culmination of months of hard work from our Executive Director, Maya, at the Social Venture Fast Pitch Finals.

Over a period of several months, leaders of various not-for-profits around the city competed, encouraged one another, received mentorship, offered support, lent an ear, and challenged themselves. The goal? To deliver a super effective and efficient pitch to anyone, anywhere, that would pull them into the organization and – depending on organizational needs and goals – convince them to fund or support you.

A bit daunting, no?

But the results were incredible! From 17 successful applicants, down to 8 finalists, Maya represented Norfolk Housing Association each step of the way with warmth, charisma, and true passion. Her pitch focused on just how quickly an unexpected event can take a life – any of our lives – and turn it upside down, and how essential the safety and security of home is to re-building a life, strengthening a community, and supporting healthy families.

You can watch Maya’s full pitch here: SVP Norfolk Housing

All of us at NHA are incredibly proud of the work and dedication that Maya showed throughout this entire process, and it was a true gift to watch her and the other finalists up on stage and speaking to the joy and hope of philanthropy in its’ many forms. We believe that affordable, appropriate housing is a right for all and that home is the foundation we all deserve. This was an amazing opportunity to share how mixed-income housing can look, what it can mean, and how effective it can be in the landscape of effective housing solutions.

Thank you SVP Calgary, Maya, coaches Jessica Dillabough and Josh Sartorelli, and the other incredible participants. Plus a very warm congratulations to the deserving winner, LeftOvers Calgary.

This gorgeous compilation video sums up the experience of the contestants and our organizations very nicely. Give it a watch! You’ll be inspired.

We can’t wait to see next year’s pitches!

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