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What an absolutely incredible way to end the year! We ate, we visited, we recognized community excellence, we danced and the kids made crafts, and we were visited by a very special “Sandy Claus” – all combining to make this one of the best holiday parties on record.


A huge and warm thank you to all of the staff, volunteers, and residents who came together to make the event such a success. Without your time, energy, enthusiasm, and suggestions it would never have been possible. And an immense thank you to everyone at Hillhurst United Church for giving us your space on a deep discount so that we could invite more people and have more fun! Your generosity was noticed and appreciated by all.

In recent years we’ve made it a bit of a tradition to recognize those partners and residents who have really gone above and beyond in terms of community involvement and commitment and this year was no different. We recognized one of our housing partners and two residents that have really stepped up and been champions of Norfolk, their communities, and Calgary.


We used the opportunity to recognize and thank several of our residents and community partners:

Sonja began living with Norfolk a number of years ago and has been a huge asset to our community. Not only is she always willing to clean up – cigarette butts out front of the building, garbage in the hallways – but she always has a friendly smile for staff even on days when it’s tough. Beyond the Norfolk community, Sonja spends many days visiting with older residents where her Dad used to live so that they don’t spend their last years lonely. She is truly a remarkable woman, caring and giving, and we are so glad she’s here. Thank you, Sonja, for everything you do.

Jatinder has lived with Norfolk for a couple of years and in that time has become one of our biggest community champions. No matter what we need or how we might ask for resident support, Jatinder is always one of the first to offer herself – and often her superb cooking as well! She’ll happily share her story and is proud to represent Norfolk wherever she goes. Furthermore, she is a single mother and also volunteers regularly with the United Way. I am sure they would join us in thanking you, Jatinder, for giving back to communities across Calgary!

Horizon Housing provides affordable, supportive and appropriate homes to over 700 Calgarians. We would like to recognize Horizon’s generosity and spirit of sharing – they have supported the work of Norfolk Housing as we’ve moved into growth, sent us wonderful service providers, and always acted with the best interests of the sector in mind.  Your support, camaraderie, and guidance have been supremely valuable to all of us. Thank you!

Happy holidays – may you all enjoy the sweetness of the season!

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