Reports to the Community

2020 Community Report

This past year is certainly one we are all glad to put behind us. While we had grand plans to celebrate our 40th year in operation, the pandemic forced us back to basics; protect our residents and ensure the stability of their homes.

The need for safe, stable, and affordable homes has never been more profoundly demonstrated than during this pandemic. Many of our community members found themselves in precarious positions, loss of employment, and uncertainty about the future.

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As we look back on 2019, we feel a sense of pride in the progress Norfolk Housing Association (NHA) has made this year; progress towards growth, collaboration with intent, and improved outcomes for Calgarians.

Though we acquired our sixth building late 2018, this year marked when we took over management of the property and made small changes that match our values.


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This was an exciting year for Norfolk Housing Association, as we turned towards growth and asked ourselves big questions around who we are and who we want to be. We acquired a new building – our first in 15 years! We also opened a Community Hub and looked at new and innovative partnerships to better serve our residents of all backgrounds.


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This year we identified our strategic priorities and tailored our goals to suit them. At the forefront of all that we do, housing current residents now and into the future is key. We will be looking for innovative ways to offer more affordable housing to Calgarians in need and build more robust partnerships in the coming years.


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Building inclusive and diverse communities requires hard work, a pragmatic approach, patience, and significant collaboration residents, volunteers, staff, and partners. This year it was especially evident that collaborative action is going to be critical in stabilizing an affordable, appropriate, and safe housing supply.


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At Norfolk Housing Association (NHA), we’re guided by our belief that everyone has a right to feel at home in our community. For over 35 years, NHA has been supporting our community by providing affordable places to call home to low and moderate income seniors, individuals, and families.


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